Israeli Model Bar Refaeli Arrested For Tax Evasion


Israeli supermodel Bar Refaeli is currently under investigation by Israeli authorities over suspicion that she failed to pay tax on the profits from her international career in modeling. The accusations were all rejected by her lawyers. According to them, the case revolves around a long-lasting dispute with Israeli authorities over whether Refaeli should be considered an Israeli resident regarding tax purposes.

The Israeli tax authority accused Refaeli of failing to report numerous “celebrity benefits,” such as the luxurious cars (a Lexus and a Range Rover) she received from car companies in exchange for her publishing photos of herself with the cars. In addition, she’s accused of failing to pay taxes on her luxury apartment in Tel Aviv.

Refaeli was detained along with her mother Tzipora Refaeli on Thursday and quickly released. They were questioned on Wednesday concerning the investigation that has been going on for months now. Authorities also said that the model and her mother will not be allowed to travel abroad for six months without permission.

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