Is Upcoming Tour Too Much For Cher?


Cher is not feeling very confident about her upcoming tour and is having issues with tour rehearsals. She fears she won’t be able to execute such a “complicated” show.

Believe hit maker is battling insecurities during her last ever tour “Dressed To Kill’s” preparations. Pop icon thinks she may be too old for an elaborate scenario her team has created. This 67-year old diva thinks she might disappoint her fans, only days prior to her opening show in Phoenix, Arizona, scheduled for Saturday, March 14th.

She explains,

“On way 2 (to) rehearsal. So fkng (f**king) complicated. Why can’t I just sing! I started the whole ‘extravaganza show’ (in) ’79. Every1 (sic) made fun of me!”

Later, she added,

“Just left rehearsal. Came home 2 (to) do homework! I hope you remember that u (you) love me when I fk (f**k) up!… Aching all over! Just remember you wanted me, and… I’m… almost 94!!!!!!”

After she wrote,

“I have turned imperfection & insecurity in2 (into) an art form!”

We know she can pull off this one.

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