Is There Fat Shaming In The Dr. Ken Trailer?


In case you haven’t heard, Ken Jeong, most commonly known for his role in The Hangover movies, has a new show on ABC where he plays a doctor of sorts – Dr. Ken. The show’s pilot episode has not yet been aired but the trailer for the show already stirred some controversy.

Namely, the Obesity Action Coalition (OAC for short) has written an open letter to ABC, voicing their concern over one of the scenes in the pilot where Dr. Ken calls a patient fat and tells him that the only thing fatter than him are his lies.

The letter goes on to explain how this kind of jokes can cause depression in overweight people and how it is their opinion that obesity is simply not suitable to be the focal point of jokes, just like any other disease.

Ken Jeong tweeted that they have cut the scene from the pilot and that it will not be a part of it.

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