Is Selena Dating Niall Just To Make Justin Jealous?


Niall Horan’s fans definitely disapprove of his relationship with Selena Gomez, claiming that the singer is just using him to make Justin Bieber jealous! Moreover, they are also worried that Selena will hurt the One Direction star because there’s no way she’s over Bieber.

It seems that Selena really can’t leave her past behind. To be more precise, maybe she can, but fans are certainly not happy about this new celebrity romance. Twitter is also furious over Selena and Niall’s relationship. Everyone obviously thinks that Niall is going to end up brokenhearted.

And we can’t blame his fans. Selena and Bieber have recently been under public scrutiny, spending time together and talking about their relationship more than anyone should discuss their past romances. Furthermore, even Selena is concerned that Justin might interfere with her new relationship. Keep in mind that he’s good friends with Niall, and god only knows what Bieber could tell him. To make matters even more complicated, Selena said that she would still be with Justin if things had been slightly different between the two.

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