Is Scientology Guilty For Jim Carrey’s Girlfriend’s Death?


We have already written about Cathriona White, Jim Carrey’s ex-girlfriend who recently took her own life and left a note that mentioned the famous comedian and her state of mind. It was a sad and unfortunate ordeal for everyone involved, especially her family and friends.

These days, however, a new facet to the story is being discovered and talked about, i.e. Cathriona’s involvement with the Church of Scientology. Namely, a number of people have been blaming her religious denomination for her death, pointing out that she was involved in a “Purification Rundown” program prior to her death.

The Church’s spokespeople have been on the defensive (if we might say, completely understandably), saying that no one blames the Bible when a Christian commits suicide. We cannot believe we’re saying this, but we’re with them on this one.

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