Is Sarah Palin The Next Judge Judy?


We love Judge Judy. Even though we haven’t actually watched her in years, we will always have a soft spot for one of the most important judges in the history of the American judicial system.

The idea that a judge could become a celebrity was all Larry Lyttle and today we are hearing that his latest brainstorming resulted in the idea of Sarah Palin presiding over a televised court herself. Yes, that Sarah Palin.

Of course, there is a very obvious problem here in that Palin is not a judge. According to Lyttle, this is not going to be a problem because she won’t technically be a judge, but a judge of common sense. It will lose some of its edge, that is for sure, but it is still going to be a total riot.

We have to say that we see where Lyttle is coming from. Letting someone like Palin preside over a court (even a TV one) should make for some great entertainment.

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