Is Mischa Barton’s Career Over Already?


Mischa Barton‘s career hasn’t been going exactly great since OC stopped airing in 2006. Man, it’s been 10 years. She did some movies but to illustrate how great these movies have been, the last 10 of them don’t even have Wikipedia pages. And now, one of the saddest celebrity stories in the last decade is reaching a new low.

Namely, it has just been announced that Mischa will be taking part in the 22nd season of Dancing with the Stars, a show that struggled even in its golden years. To be perfectly blunt, the show has mostly been entertainment for the residents of retirement homes and communities.

Joining Mischa will be Full(er) House star Jodie Swetin and a bunch of reality TV “stars” who will try to extend their disappearance into anonymity for at least few more months. Good luck to all of them!

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