Is Kira Kazanstev A Bully?


While Miss America states it’s “just not true” that she engaged in physically or verbally abusive activities during at the Alpha Phi sorority, she attributed her behavior to a “culture” of hazing.

Jezebel reported that Kira, who won the Atlantic City pageant as Miss New York, had been kicked out of the sorority Alpha Phi in 2013, with a friend, after being reported for hazing. Kira has admitted that she was asked to leave the group after sending an email that contained a joke and after, failing to attend a hearing about the message.

“Under the broad definition for hazing, yes, I was involved.”

Miss America claimed her former sorority’s hazing never went beyond standing in a line reciting information and “a few sleepless nights crafting.”

“All I can do is sit here and be honest. I’m going to take this negative and make it a positive.”

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