Is Kim Kardashian Delusional About Her Fame?


Kim Kardashian does not really have a tight grasp on reality, despite the fact that she’s been on reality television for almost a decade. Asked about the start of her career and if she thinks that her leaked sex tape with Ray J helped to launch her career.

“Maybe that’s how some people heard about me but I didn’t launch my career off of that,” Kardashian said.

Well, isn’t the thing that made people hear about you technically the thing that launched your career? She then went on to say that the sex tape was a long time ago and that she has done a lot of noteworthy stuff since then. Like being on a reality show, marrying a famous person, and taking naked photos a lot.

And to make sure that people realized the importance of her reality show, Kim wants to let everyone know that “We’ve had more episodes than ‘I Love Lucy!’”

Good for you, Kim.

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