Is Jay Z’s New Streaming Service Really That Revolutionary? (VIDEO)


Jay Z is a huge name in the music industry and his Roc Nation entertainment company has ties with many big stars. So it’s really no surprise that so many big name celebrities are behind his latest venture – Tidal.

Tidal is a new streaming music service that Jay Z plans to release. So obviously many are asking the question – What makes it different from the rest of the streaming services like Spotify?

From what we can tell, there’s nothing new here. Even the interface looks exactly like Spotify’s. One thing that Tidal has announced is that it will be seemingly cutting bigger checks to the artists than Spotify, but is this an all-inclusive deal or are just the big stars going to profit.

If you’re big enough of a star, then you are probably already getting hundreds of thousands of dollars in royalties from Spotify and other streaming services. Do you really need more? It seems that in the end, the smaller bands and artists who don’t make millions are going to be left by the wayside by Tidal. So really, it’s offering nothing new, other than being able to pay twice as much as Spotify charges to stream “lossless” high definition music. Good luck with that, Hova.

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