Is Bieber’s New Song About Selena Gomez?


It seems that whenever Justin Bieber releases a new song, everyone thinks that it’s about Selena Gomez. So, of course, after he put out a new single called “Sorry,” the same thing was on the minds of all his fans once again.

Is the song a musical apology to his ex-girlfriend? If you look at the lyrics, it seems like it definitely could be. Remember, Bieber said in a recent interview that Gomez was the absolute best thing that happened to him while he was a teenager.

He and Gomez even released a duet recently called “Strong,” and everyone knows that they are still in contact with each other. It’s obvious that Bieber still has very strong feelings for her, and it seems that he might be trying to get her back the best way he knows how, by way of song.

Do you think it’s about Gomez? Listen to the track and let us know!

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