Internet, Calm Down: Michele Obama Is NOT Bald


First Lady Michelle Obama appeared on “Jeopardy” on Tuesday to promote healthy eating habits, but all people could talk about was her hair – or to be precise, her lack of hair.

During her cameo, Mrs. Obama addressed the contestants and audience, and the Internet went berserk. The media and social media users went crazy with questions about her appearance. It seems that everyone wanted to know why the First Lady looked bald and grey all of a sudden.

People, you need to calm down!

Take a moment to grasp the fact that there was a light source above her. Also, just because she’s the President’s wife doesn’t mean she’s not allowed to wear a ponytail.

The Hill even reached out to White House officials for more information, but ‘they didn’t respond to a question about the ‘bald’ buzz.’ Don’t worry, they haven’t issues a statement because they probably have much more important issues to deal with like running the country and stuff.

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