Iggy Azalea Owes The Government Nearly $400,000


We haven’t even had the chance to digest the latest celebrity gossip news that Iggy Azalea’s fiancé Nick Young cheated on the Australian rapper with a 19-year-old girl, we’re already shovel-fed more dirt about her.

Apparently, Azalea got slapped across the face with a tax lien that came from none other than the International Revenue Service. Why? Being the successful performer that she is, she earned millions in 2014 but failed to pay income taxes. How much money are we talking about? About $400,000. Ouch.

These last few weeks have been hard for Iggy. She got cheated on, the IRS is hunting her, and Britney Spears’ security team swept her house before the two met, fearing that Iggy might give Britney some drugs. In other, brighter news, Iggy has recently released a new track entitled “Team.” Check out the explicit video below:

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