Iggy Azalea Opens Up About Breakup


Everyone pretty much knew why rapper Iggy Azalea broke up with NBA star Nick Young, we were just waiting for her to make it official.

And she just did. The Australian rap star took to Twitter to let everyone know that Young is a dog and that she has videos that show the basketball star sneaking other women into their home.

Rumors about the cheating have been surfacing for a while. Some say that Young was back with his ex, with whom he has one child already, and that she might be pregnant. Those pregnancy rumors haven’t been confirmed yet, however.

And then there’s the now infamous video by teammate D’Angelo Russell, in which Young admitted that he cheated on Azalea.

The celebrity rapper has said that she’s ready to move on, even though finding out about Young’s cheating feels like “a second shot to the chest.”

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