Iggy Azalea Has A Nasty Confrontation With A Paparazzo, Says She Hopes He Gets Ebola

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Iggy Azalea was just minding her own business, buying groceries with a friend, when a creepy paparazzo ambushed them and started being pushy and abusive as paparazzi sometimes get.

The confrontation escalated when Iggy’s friend spat on the paparazzo, after he was being particularly disgusting and rude.

The paparazzo said he had AIDS now and maybe ebola, to which Iggy replied she hoped he did have ebola, and that he would die of it. Once she calmed down, she handled the whole thing quite well, by telling him that the fact she’s a musician does not give the right to anyone to harass her while she’s trying to buy eggs.

Paparazzi can be very nasty, creeping around supermarkets, stalking stars while they’re buying groceries and going on with their day, so it’s understandable why Iggy Azalea got so upset. Spitting and hoping people get terrible infectious diseases is maybe not the best answer, but no one’s perfect.

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