Iggy Azalea Didn’t Get Young’s Car Towed!


Hollywood surely knows how to make a lot of noise about nothing, and the latest celebrity breakup in the spotlight is just that. After Iggy Azalea announced she was splitting ways with her ex fiancée Nick Young, mere minutes passed before an attempt at drama was made ().

One of the most famous female rappers will be moving out of the house she lived in with Nick Young, celebrity basketball player, we found out today. There are even speculations that Azalea got Young’s car towed yesterday, out of pure spite.

However, chances are that didn’t happen at all, as Azalea is being pretty cool headed about the whole thing. She told her fanbase that the car, which was her Christmas gift to Young in 2014, was actually in need of repair, which is why you could spot the towing company vehicle taking the 1962 Chevy away.

Azalea will be leaving the Young’s house as soon as possible and finding a new place to party away her regained single status. This will be a nice change after weeks of doubting and going crazy about Young’s possible infidelity and trust issues that brought the relationship to an end.

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