Hulk Hogan’s Formal Bandana Is Defining The Future Of Fashion


Hulk Hogan has been in court a lot these days. The final statements were given in his case on Friday, in which he is asking entertainment site Gawker to cough up $100 million for leaking a sex tape of his and making his life complicated.

The tape show Hogan having sex with the wife of his best friend. The court decision is going to be a very important one when it comes to the rights that celebrities and media have in today’s society. However, let’s talk about his bandana for a second. Hogan really loves the thing. He even got permission from the court to wear a bandana during the trial.

The court said that he could, as long as their were no logos on it. So sure, there’s no “Hulkamania” logo on his headwear, but he’s still wearing a headband to court. It’s a pretty impressive one. It’s black and the tie in the back seems to be a but more complex than a regular bandana. It’s basically a formal bandana, isn’t it? And that’s awesome. Hopefully, the formal bandana can be the next trend in fashion. Are you paying attention Kanye West? What’s next? The formal do-rag?

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