Hugh Jackman Lip Syncs Adventure Time Song



We always love it when actors and celebrities in general step out of their regular mold and do something that doesn’t really fit their character traits. One great example of this is tough guy actor Hugh Jackman lip syncing a song from Adventure Time. The badass Wolverine star made a video of himself “singing” along to Jake’s “Bacon Pancakes” song from the hit children’s show and the Internet absolutely went nuts.

Even though he usually plays tough guys, we already know that Jackman doesn’t take himself too seriously and enjoys having fun. This new video simply solidifies that. And since it went over so well with the people of the online world, we now want more! It would be great if Jackman could lip sync to all of the songs from the show, or at least just the ones that are related to food. Hopefully he does another one sooner than later.

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