Hilton Countersued for Signature Shoe Line


It’s getting ugly between Paris Hilton and very former bosses at Antebi Footwear. First, the socialite turned shoe designer sued them, and now the company is suing her back.

She sued the company in April stating that they did not pay her the royalties that were promised. She had given her name to be used to promote a collection of high-end heels back in 2007. She said that she was supposed to get $720,000 for the shoe line and only received half of the money. And now she is suing the company for a million dollars in compensation.

However, Antebi are not taking this sitting down. They have decided to fight back and to file their own suit against Hilton. They are stating that Hilton should pay them because she broke the rules and regulations of the contract that was signed between the two. The company claims that Hilton took their money and then signed with a rival company. Hilton signed with Retouch last year to promote a collection of footwear called Parisian Parc.

So how much is Antebi asking? They are beating Hilton in that regard as well and are asking for two million dollars from her. According to the company, the two million will be able to cover the royalties that were unjustly paid to Hilton and also the other damages that were incurred by the company because it is failed partnership with Hilton.

Should Hilton win the money? Or is she wrong for not honoring her agreement and signing with another company? It’s not like Hilton needs the money. She had a lot of money in before anyone knew who she was thanks to her family’s hotel fortune and she has been making her own money ever since she became a reality star.

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