Hillary Swank and Ruben Torres Join Hollywood Breakup Streak


It seems that the zika virus is nothing compared to the breakup outburst that is currently roaming Hollywood in search of new victims. The newest couple to fall under the influence of this vicious disease are Hillary Swank and Ruben Torres, according to E!.

Hillary Swank made an appearance at the 2016 French Open without anything shiny on her hand, but she didn’t seem much bothered at all. This engagement with an ex professional tennis player, Ruben Torres, only lasted for three months, and their relationship as a whole lasted less than a year. The Oscar-winning actress even wiped her Instagram clean of all the pictures with Ruben, which suggests that the breakup was a bumpy one. When asked why the engagement no longer stands, Swank simply replied: “It happens in life”.

Torres made no official statements regarding the broken-off engagement, but Swank seems to be handling it well. The Hollywood star was married once before, but now seems to be in no hurry to make it happen again.



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