Hiddleston Confirms That He And Swift Are The Real Deal


Tom Hiddleston has been very successfully avoiding media interest and basically didn’t comment at all on his new found love with Taylor Swift, but today we finally got a confirmation from him directly, according to a Daily Mail report.

The celebrity actor has just been nominated for an Emmy for Johnathan Pine role in the “Night Manager” series, and he was thrilled to hear about it.Hiddleston is currently in Australia, filming the third sequel of the Thor franchise, and his girlfriend is accompanying him. When asked if their relationship is nothing more than a PR stunt, Hiddleston was loud and clear that they are together and there is nothing fake about it. He also added that they are happy, which can be seen from the photos of the couple, where they look very much in love.

There are even rumors that the Avengers star will be proposing to Swift soon, and some sources claim that she would be more than happy to accept his offer. The expression “whirlwind romance” doesn’t fit this couple anymore, “tornado marriage” seems more suitable at this point.

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