Heroin That Killed Peaches Geldof Found In Sweet Box


Peaches Geldof‘s husband Tom Cohen stated the 25-year old presenter started using heroin again in February 2014 as inquest hears there was no evidence she ever intended to commit suicide.

The 25-year old star was found dead in April 2014 in the bedroom of her home in Kent, with her 11-month old son Phaedra in another room.

After successfully beating heroin addiction several months before, the inquest heard she had begun using again in February.

Police who searched her house discovered almost seven grams of high purity heroin hidden in a cloth bag in a cupboard.

They also found almost 80 needles and a number of burnt spoons, which used by addicts for preparing the drug for injection.

The syringe containing the dose that killed her was discovered in a cardboard box next to the bed containing sweets.

Miss Geldof’s mother, Paula Yates died of a heroin overdose in 2000, and the hearing revealed that on the night before she was found dead, she posted a picture of herself as a child with her late mother on a social networking website, with the message, “Me and my mum.”

At the full inquest into her tragic death, the coroner for North West Kent, Roger Hatch, said she had been a regular heroin user, but also had been successfully receiving treatment and had been free of the drug just four months before the unfortunate event.

Her husband, Thomas Cohen, who discovered her lifeless body, told the inquest that in November 2013, random tests showed that she was free of heroin.

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