Here’s Why Madonna Shouldn’t Have To Justify Her Met Gala Look


Madonna took to social media to defend her Met Gala outfit after hitting the headlines for wearing a dress that was ‘inappropriate’ for age. She wrote a lengthy post, explaining that her decision to expose her breasts and bosom was a political one, adding that her critics are ‘ageist’ and ‘sexist.’

It’s also important to point out that the international superstar built her name and career on controversial decisions. She has always been the one to push the boundaries in showbiz, enabling other celebrities to follow in her footsteps on their way to fame and fortune.

Now, whatever you may think of her provocative Givenchy look, the 57-year-old Queen of Pop has a point: no one should tell women what’s right for their age or what they should and shouldn’t wear at that age.

The only problem is that, following a barrage of insults aimed at her, someone as iconic as Madonna had to justify herself to social media bullies.

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