Here’s Why Lady Gaga Amazed Everyone At The Super Bowl


Lady Gaga has made jaws drop ever since she arrived on the music scene, although mostly thanks to her weird taste in fashion. Let’s face it, it’ll be a long time before anyone forgets about that meat suit fiasco, Gaga.

But yesterday she proved that she sure knows how to sing. Of course, we’re talking about her rendition of the American anthem at the 2016 Super Bowl, which she pulled off brilliantly. She came out in a sophisticated red suit and matching makeup and that’s when she knocked everyone off their feet.

In all seriousness, though, she really did pull off an amazing job and was later praised by numerous people on Twitter, including her fans and some well-known names such as Ellen DeGeneres, Gene Simmons and Khloe Kardashian. Check out some of the tweets below!

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