Here’s Why Even 25-Year-Olds Are Too Old For Leonardo DiCaprio


It’s not uncommon for male celebrities to date younger women. With all their money and fame, all they have to do is sit and wait for an even younger and more attractive gal to fall at their feet, leaving the previous one without even a blink of an eye. Not fair? Maybe, but that’s just the way Hollywood works.

The latest A-lister to catch the media attention for his dubious dating patterns is no one other than Leonardo DiCaprio. The Revenant star and five-time Oscar nominee definitely has what you would call a specific type of girlfriend. Or, in other words, Leo likes them super slim and really young.

He’s already known as one of Tinseltown’s most famous modelizers, but it seems that he wants more in a woman than just a gorgeous face, body to die for and a modeling career. No, we’re not talking brains here, although we’re certain some of his S.O. have been smart.

So, what does Leo want? Well, the girl who’s gonna steal his heart apparently has to be just that – a girl. No older than 25, it seems. He just called it quits with another one of his model girlfriends, who’s turning 26 this year. Tough luck, Kelly Rohrbach, you’re not the first and definitely not the last he’s left before their 26th birthday.

Basically, if you remember seeing the Titanic when the movie was released, Leo wouldn’t date you.

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