Here’s Why Ariana Grande Is Banned From Performing At The White House


Being a celebrity comes with accountability, and it seems like Ariana Grande made a mistake that cost her the honor of performing at the White House. Because of the “doughnut controversy” that happened last fall, the pop star was crossed off the possible performers list for White House events, Us Weekly reports.

After the celebrity was caught on camera randomly licking doughnuts that were on display in a store and saying she hates America, Grande lost any chance at ever performing at the White House. In the Wikileaks release from Friday, July 22, there was found a file containing emails from government officials that made their case about why Grande should never step foot on the White House premises.

Many were displeased that the singer managed to maneuver her way out of criminal charges by publicly apologizing on You Tube, but she didn’t get away unscathed apparently. The chance of Grande performing at the White House are close to none, so pay attention to what you’re saying and only lick your own doughnuts.

Watch the video here

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