Here’s What Sinead O’Connor Really Wants


Sinead O’Connor has been in the spotlight for a few days now, leaving fans around the world worried sick about her well-being. She first took to Facebook to write all sorts of nasty things about her family, but it seems the troubled musician is now changing the tune. Apparently, Sinead is now begging them to help her go through this emotional crisis. Here’s what she wrote:

“Please. Please love me. Please come to the hospital and spend time with me and help Fix all this.”

The touching message comes just two days after she was hospitalized following another Facebook post in which she said that she had ‘’taken an overdose.’’ Her Facebook friends and followers quickly alerted Irish authorities, who took her to get some much-needed help.

She is still hospitalized and desperate because her family only visited her while she was unconscious. Now, she begs her grown-up kids, 28-year-old son Jake Reynolds and 19-year-old daughter Roisin Waters, to come see her and comfort her. This is what she wrote:

“Why did you leave before I woke? Been missing you all for weeks. To hear that you were here and left was agony. Now I am utter,y [sic] alone. I’m. BEgging you. Don’t leave me so frightened and alone. Don’t treat me like I’m not loved and am worth nothing. Please. If you love me even a little please come and be with me and help me understand what’s happening. I didn’t even have any clothes. I haven’t a thing.”


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