Here’s What Happened At The MTV Movie Awards


The MTV Movie Awards were a but different this year than usual. For one, they weren’t live. They were taped on Saturday and then aired on Sunday. Furthermore, they were not held in a theater, but outside at the Warner Bros Studio.

So, what else notable happened? It’s a good thing that the awards show was not live, because there sure was a lot of cussing. Hosts Kevin Hart and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson led the way and really didn’t hold back when it came to spouting naughty words. It definitely wasn’t a show to let your children watch. The Best Kiss winners didn’t disappoint either. Rebel Wilson and Adam DeVine won the award for their smooching in “Pitch Perfect 2,” and their awards show kiss fest was up to par.

There were some pretty weird wardrobe moments as well. For one, Alexander Skarsgård show up on stage with no pants on. Some of the other winners of the wardrobe weirdness award were Tyler Posey and his onesie and internet celebrity Baddiewinkle and her jumpsuit that you really need to see to believe.

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