Here’s How Demi Lovato and Iggy Azalea Met


You would think that Demi Lovato and Iggy Azalea have known each other for years, but that’s not the case at all. Actually, they have only been friends for about a year. How did they meet? According to Lovato, the two met at a Halloween party last year that was being thrown by Jennifer Lopez.

Lovato was at the party with boyfriend Wilmer Valderrama, but she was feeling a bit awkward since everyone was drinking at the party except for her. Demi said that since she has stopped drinking, she has had a hard time mingling at social events.

She noticed that Iggy was not drinking either, so she decided to go talk to her, since she already knew that they had that one thing in common. The two hit it off and they even realized that they were neighbors.

The have been gal pals ever since and Demi is even going to be a bridesmaid at Iggy’s wedding next year!

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