Heidi Fleiss’ Bird Revenge Against The Ex


Heidi Fleiss, better known as the “Hollywood Madam” on account that she used to run a brothel catering to many Hollywood celebrities (Charlie Sheen, of course,) has lead a turbulent life, to say the least.

Some may remember the gossip columns from a couple of years ago, when she moved to Death Valley to live with her 25 parrots.

Then she got romantically involved with a woman named Judy Bailey Savage and shacked up with her in Temecula, CA. Today she made the news yet again – the couple broke up and Heidi apparently released a bunch of her birds on her ex’s house.

The result: poop everywhere, destroyed walls, doorways, furniture… Savage claims in her legal documents that whenever she tries to enter her own home, the birds attack her and bite her, so she can’t even estimate the damage. She did manage to get a restraining order for Heidi but what good is it when it doesn’t apply to birds?

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