Hayden Panettiere Is Financing Her Parents’ Divorce


Wow, Hayden Panettiere is being a real trooper in an ugly divorce between her parents. Both of her parents are having a lot of problems, especially financial ones.

But it seems that Panettiere is not about to get taking any sides and she is supporting both of them equally. Her mom is really in dire straits. She is claiming that her husband has not given her any money in a long time. She is claiming that only four months worth of spousal support was given to her over the last three years. But Panettiere is helping out and she is letting her mom stay with her in her West Holywood condo.

And of course, she isn’t charging her mom to live there. She is not taking sides either. Panettiere has also been very generous with her dad, with sources close to the family claiming that she have him a gift worth $100,000.

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