Have Mercy! The Full House Reboot Is A Go


90s kids rejoice! You are about to get the reunion you have been waiting for all these years. Actor John Stamos was recently been on Jimmy Kimmel Live, where the former Full House star announced that there will be a reboot happening very soon.

According to Stamos, it will probably be called Fuller House, and it will center around the families of three of the original children on the show, D.J. Tanner, Stephanie Tanner, and neighbor Kimmy Gibbler.

All of the original cast members are on board, according to Stamos, who said that it’s going to start like a reunion, but then evolve into a spin-off of the original show.

He said that the premise will be the following: D.J. is a widowed mother of three boys and she calls in Stephanie and Kimmy to help her raise the kids.

He said that the first episode is going to feature all of the original cast members and it might get pretty emotional. It’s also supposed to take place in the same icon San Francisco house in which the original series was shot.

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