Harry Styles’ Mother Feels Violated After Photo Hack


Though Harry Styles remains silent about the leaked photographs from his vacation with Kendall Jenner, his sister Gemma Styles was quick to open up about the incident in order to defend their mother who feels responsible for all the recent media headlines about her son’s romantic involvement with the famous Kardashian/Jenner sister.

Gemma stood up for their mother Anne Cox after her iCloud account was hacked, severely criticizing Harry’s fans for leaking the images and making fake Anne Cox Twitter accounts. Styles’ sister pointed out that the public ‘violated’ Cox with both the photo hack and its after-effects. She also said that their mom is not back on social media and that all the new accounts are fake.

Despite the fact that his sister is super upset about the whole situation, Harry doesn’t seem bothered by the headlines, according to a well-informed source. The insider told HollywoodLife that ‘there was nothing incriminating in the pictures,’ meaning he couldn’t care less about the photo leak. However, the One Direction star is worried about his mother and hates the idea of her becoming the target of online hackers.

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