Harry Hamlin’s Gay Role Ended Career In Movies?


Mad Men star Harry Hamlin blames his role as a gay man in movie from 1982 Making Love for ending his film career.

The actor portrayed a homosexual who was having an affair with a closeted and married man, portrayed by Michael Ontkean.

After the movie was released, Harry insisted studio bosses didn’t want to cast him as the leading role in feature movies.

During an interview in U.S. chart show Watch What Happens Live on Wednesday, May 28, the actor said, “(The film) was way ahead of its time. It was before the AIDS issue had risen yet, so we could tell a love story without that being a part of it. We didn’t have to address that at all in this film so it was very innocent…”

“What it did was (it) created a transition for me between feature film to television. I didn’t work in feature films ever again. That was the last feature I did… It is something that I would repeat and do again today, even though there was a ruffle in my career after that.”

Harry went on with his career enjoying several roles in hit TV series, including L.A. Law, Veronica Mars, and Shameless.

In the same interview, Harry and his wife Lisa Rinna talked about a variety of topics, including how they’ve managed to stay married for 21 years in Hollywood.

However, during the “after show” online, they talked about Harry’s revived career thanks to Mad Men, and also proposed a title for any possible sex tape they would make.

“The Kraken Has Been Released,” Hamlin suggested.

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