Harrison Ford Seriously Injured In Plane Crash


The 72-year-old actor was ‘battered but OK’’ Thursday after his vintage aircraft crash-landed on a golf course in California, his son Ben Ford confirmed on Twitter.

‘’At the hospital. Dad is ok. Battered, but ok! He is every bit the man you would think he is. He is an incredibly strong man.’’

TMZ reports that Ford suffered cuts to his head and was bleeding when rescue crews reached him, according to a witness who was golfing at the time of the incident.

“I was one of the first people to run from the hole toward the plane. 4 to 5 men pulled the pilot out of the plane. They got him away from the plane. They were concerned it would catch on fire. Two doctors were there – and they had a 1st aid box with them. He was conscious, talking a little — a HUGE cut on his head. A swath of his skin was missing. There was blood dripping down his face.”

Patrick Jones, an investigator with the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB), said that the iconic actor had reported an engine failure and requested to return to the runway. According to witnesses who spoke to The Guardian, Ford prevented a bigger catastrophe by landing on the golf course. If he had tried to go back to the airport, chances are the plane would have crashed into a populated area.

Ford, who is an experienced pilot, was alone in the plane during the crash.


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