Harrison Ford Fingered For A Crime He Didn’t Commit


The latest celebrity gossip news has it that somebody planted a phony arrest in Huntington Beach police records and that it concerns Hollywood legend Harrison Ford. Namely, a 73-year-old Harrison Ford was arrested Thursday at noon for inflicting corporal injury on his spouse and possession of a controlled substance.

The thing is, the police have absolutely no record, outside of the online entry, of the actor or any other Harrison Ford for that matter, getting busted. In fact, sources close to Ford tell us that he’s not even in the country at the moment. The suspicious arrest log is weird because the “Case ID” doesn’t match the numerical pattern of other listed cases.

The police claim that they’re working hard to get to the bottom of the bogus record, but just to be sure, we’ll say it again – Indiana Jones/Han Solo was not arrested. We can only imagine how Ford felt after hearing the news, especially after starring in The Fugitive back in 1993.

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