Hanks Battled Freezing Temperatures For His Art


Actor Colin Hanks has been freezing on the set of the new TV series Fargo after temperatures on the location in Calgary, Canada went below -30 degrees Fahrenheit (-34.4 degrees Celsius).

He reveals he had to cover his body with hand and foot warmers and even to put on layers upon layers of clothing to prevent himself from freezing.

He said,

“I sort of got it down to a science. I would come into the trailer every morning, I would put on foot warmers that attached to your feet, and then I’d take two toe warmers and I’d sandwich the toes, and then I would take a large body warmer, about the size of my hand, and I would put them (all over my body), all over my long johns (long underwear).”


“Then I would put on my costume, pants, shirt, jacket, and then a gigantic set coat… I looked like the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man (from Ghostbusters).”

Temperatures caused them many troubles and they even had to shut down the production for one day.

Tom Hank’s son also said,

“We had to cancel filming one day because it was just too cold.” Colin portrays a police deputy in the new TV drama. The drama was inspired by the Coen Brothers’ legendary 1996 movie with the same name.

Billy Bob Thornton and Martin Freeman also have their parts in the movie by Steve Buscemi and William H. Macy.

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