Hackers Threaten Iggy Azalea With Stills From Her Sex Tape


A group of hackers believed to be a fraction of the Anonymous, which works under the handle @TheAnonMessage, is threatening to release of a string of stills from a sex tape Iggy Azalea allegedly made. The group is angry at her because of her misappropriation of black culture and generally the way she is handling sensitive issues in the wake of Eric Garner’s death.

This all happened after Azalea’s criticism of Azealia Banks, which followed a diss from Banks against the Australian in a series of racially-charged tweets, calling her “Igloo Australia.”

The hacker group feels that Azalea needs to apologize to Banks and to the entire #BlackLivesMatter movement, and if she won’t, they will issue a series of stills from her alleged sex tape, which she had repeatedly denied existed at all. The group says there will be no actual sex tape leaked, just the stills from it, and a still of her face, to prove it is her.

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