Gymnast McKayla Maroney Minor In Hacked Nude Pictures


McKayla Maroney’s lawyer asserted that the gymnast’s hacked nude photos were snapped when she was still underage.

According to TMZ, a popular porn site took the pictures down after the lawyer informed them she was a minor at the time the pics were taken.

Maroney’s second lawyer managed to persuade several other websites to remove the pictures in question.

After appearing on Reddit, moderators issued a warning concerning the pics:

The site admins have let us know that McKayla Maroney was underage in the photos as well and that we need to remove them. If we don’t remove them, then this subreddit will most likely be banned (very quickly).

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Reddit has also confirmed in a statement that MTV’s ‘’My Life as Liz’’ star Liz Lee’s pics were also taken when she was underage.

Liz Lee was not part of the leaks, but people have been posting her images anyways. Liz’s pictures were taken in 2007 when she was 16 years old by an ex of hers…Due to this, we will be removing any and all things that contain their images. It is considered CP (Child Pornography), and breaks reddit’s site-wide rules (in addition to international law, age of consent is completely different than child pornography), and will get this subreddit banned if we were to allow them to be posted.

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