Gwyneth Paltrow Ready To Reveal Her New Boyfriend


It’s not uncommon for celebrities to keep their relationships a secret as long as possible – or at least until they realize their romance is stable enough to go public with it. Such is the case with Gwyneth Paltrow, as all we’ve heard about her love life for the past year or so have been rumors.

These rumors, however, are now confirmed – she is dating Brad Falchuk, the famous television writer, director and producer, the man behind American Horror Story and Glee. We’ve been hearing rumors about them ever since June last year, but it looked like it wasn’t anything serious back then, as they had their share of quarrels and unstable moments.

However, on July 9, Rome had the chance to see them happily driving around the city center together, which sparked even more rumors than before. Well, it seems it’s official now, since Falchuk has shared a picture on his Instagram Monday night of the two of them with the caption “My date and I.”

My date and I #screamqueens

A photo posted by @bradfalchuk on

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