Graphic Video of Suge Knight Running Over People Released


It looks like Death Row Records CEO Suge Knight is going to be spending a lot of time in prison. TZM was able to get a hold of the graphic video that shows Knight running over two people with his car, one of which ended up dying.

Knight was driving to a burger joint where he wanted to meet up with Dr. Dre, who was the centerpiece of his now-defunct gangster rap label. According to reports, Knight was kicked off of a filming location for the NWA bio pic “Straight Outta Compton.” He then decided to drive to a restaurant where Dr. Dre was supposed to be, because he wanted to try and make peace with the billionaire rapper and producer.

In the video, you see Cle Sloan, who was working as security on the movie, confronting Knight.
Sloan tries to attack Knight through the window of his truck, after which Knight backs up and then hits him with the car. You also see Terry Carter standing next to Sloan. Carter was the man who Knight ended up running over and killing.

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