Golden State’s Draymond Green Slapped Heckler


Draymond Green’s offseason hasn’t exactly gotten off to the greatest start. It’s bad enough that his Golden State Warriors were not able to defend their NBA title and lost in the finals to the Cleveland Cavaliers.

To add insult to injury, Green just got arrested because of, umm, well, insults and a potential injury to someone else.

According to eyewitness reports, there was a guy outside of a bar in East Lansing, Michigan that wouldn’t stop heckling Green. But the NBA star wasn’t having it and apparently slapped the dude in the face.

There is footage of Green being escorted into custody after the altercation. Reports say that it was apparently a Michigan State University student that was heckling him, and of course, the guy was much smaller than Green.

The guy most of have pretty drunk, considering Green’s size and the fact that he is a beloved former MSU basketball star.

The celebrity baller posted a $200 bond and is scheduled to appear in court for the incident on July 20.

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