Glee Star Rips Bieber’s Shirtless Pics

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Actress/singer Naya Rivera has tons of opinions, and we love listening to her go on rants. She has recently spent a lot of time ripping on Kim Kardashian, and while the stuff she has been saying is really funny for the most part, it’s time for Rivera to pick on someone else.

And she did just that. While co-hosting The View, she started talking about Justin Bieber’s recent CK underwear photo shoot. Of course, the girls started talking about whether the photo was doctored or not, especially when it comes to the size of his muscles and, uhh, his package.

Rivera said she could care less about the alleged Photoshopping of the photos, adding that the photos themselves are annoying.

She basically said that Bieber looks like a narcissistic idiot and that girls don’t find guys who constantly look at themselves in the mirror to be attractive.

“Girls don’t want to date guys that are constantly in a mirror,” she said, adding, “Go fix something in the house. That’s hotter.”

You said it, sister!

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Photoshop lol

Una foto publicada por Justin Bieber (@justinbieber) el

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