Girl Claims She Was Drugged At Justin Bieber Private Event


An Australian model named Bailey Scarlett is claiming that she believes she was drugged at a listening party for Justin Bieber’s new album. The even was held at a local recording studio in Melbourne on Sunday night.

According to Scarlett, she got a vodka and lemonade, but put the drink down on a table to go and talk to the some girls at the event. She said that she later started feeling dizzy and her vision became blurry, adding that she believes that someone had put something in her drink while she wasn’t around.

The man who owns the studio, Jimi Wyatt, said nothing of the sort happened. He said that there is a surveillance video that clearly shows that no one tampered with the drink. Organizer of the event, Alex McDonnell, said that he believes that the girl was having a panic attack. More news as the story develops.

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