Gere Mistaken For Homeless Man On Set


Actor Richard Gere was mistaken for a homeless man when a woman handed him food and some money while he was filming on the streets in New York City.

The 64-year old star, unshaven and dressed as a homeless person for his role as a tramp for the movie Time Out of Mind, was completely unrecognizable as he was searching through a trash can looking for food near Grand Central Terminal.

The warm-hearted passenger, unaware of cameras and the movie set, approached and gave him a bag of food.

The star, a professional as he is, stayed in the character while receiving the gifts, then smiled and thanked the woman for her kindness.

This act of generosity was caught on camera, but the women, or the Good Samaritan, has not since been identified.

Time Out of Mind is a drama about a New Yorker who enters a shelter when he finds himself without any housing options, and then struggles to retreive the pieces of his life back together and start over a troubled relationship with his estranged daughter.

It will be directed by Oren Moverman, who was Oscar-nominated in 2010 for co-writing The Messenger.

He also adapted the script from a novel by another Oscar nominee, The Constant Gardener‘s Jeffrey Caine.

Gere, Caroline Kaplan and Lawrence Inglee will produce the movie, which was set to start production in March 2014.

QED will be handling international sales starting next month in Berlin.

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