George Michael’s Health Scares Continue


According to a U.K. report, British pop superstar George Michael suffered another health scare prior to mysterious hospitalization last week.

The former Wham singer hit headlines after it was announced that paramedics were at his north London home on Thursday, May 22.

After he was briefly hospitalized, the star was released, and his representative confirmed George is “well and resting”, according to Britain’s The Sun newspaper.

Editors now report this was the star’s second health scare in 2014. It appears that George was previously found unconscious after collapsing at home.

Police told they discovered the singer at the property. A source also told the newspaper, “George’s latest collapse is the second time this year that emergency services have attended his home. It seems as if there is barely a month that goes by at the moment without him having problems.”

In May 2013, he was airlifted to hospital with a head injury after he fell out of a moving car on the M1.

He was also struck down with pneumonia 18 months earlier. Upon his recovery, he issued a statement to fans outside his home, telling press it had been “touch and go” as to whether he lived after doctors were forced to perform an emergency tracheotomy to keep him breathing.

In September 2010, he was handed an eight-week prison term, banned from driving for two years and sentenced to 100 hours of community service for crashing his Range Rover into a north London branch of Happy Snaps the previous July.


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