Gene Simmons Makes Disgusting Remarks About Prince’s Death


We all know that Gene Simmons is an annoying old rocker that can’t keep his trap closed, but jeez, have some respect for the deceased, man!

Yesterday, he commented on the death of legendary pop artist Prince, calling his death “pathetic” because it may have been related to a possible drug overdose.

Simmons compared Prince‘s death to the recent loss of another pop icon and celebrity, David Bowie, saying that Bowie‘s death was tragic because it was cancer related, but that anyone who dies of drugs or alcohol made that choice to die that way.

He tried to backpedal, saying that he truly admired Prince and though that he left every other pop artist in the dust, including the King of Pop Michael Jackson.

“But how pathetic that he killed himself,” Simmons said.


Not even his band members could take it. Kiss guitarist and singer Paul Stanley went on Twitter to publicly apologize for Simmons‘ remarks on behalf of the band.

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