Gary Gray’s New Movie Fails To Mention Dr. Dre’s Abusive Nature


In a movie dealing mostly with the rise and fall of the hip hop group N.W.A, we would expect a lot of bling-bling, thug life references, studio montage, footage from gigs, and a personal touch from all the people acting in it. And that’s exactly what we get, and the movie ain’t too bad either (it currently holds an 8.4 rating on IMDB).

What it fails to mention, though, is how Dre, one of the pivotal characters in the movie,  isn’t all that good. In fact, it turns out he has a history of abusing women, according to R&B singer Michel’le and journalist Dee Barnes. Michel’le was engaged to Dr. Dre and has previously claimed that he was regularly physically abusive towards her, and rumour has it that he even attempted to shoot her once.

Dee Barnes, on the other hand, writes about how Dre has beaten her “mercilessly” at a record release party. She also mentions how the N.W.A crew are trying their best to stay hard-core and yet strike an image of the good guys. Barnes concludes, “It doesn’t add up.”

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