Furious Tribute To Walker Gets Fans Emotional


We have heard for a long time that this installment of Fast & Furious would have a very touching tribute to Paul Walker. The star of the franchise died in 2013 in a car accident while the movie was still being shot.

And by the reactions of fans all over social media, Twitter especially, it seems that the tribute was really heart-warming. Many fans tweeted saying that they had trouble holding back the tears, and some just flat out sobbed their ways through the scenes.

It’s easy to see that fans of the movie franchise really grew to love Walker, as did all of the people that worked with him on the movies. Jordana Brewster, who played Walker’s love interested in the latest Furious 7, said that he was “the best guy” and that he made everyone on set very comfortable when he was around.

Furious 7 did amazingly at the box office as well, ranking in the top 10 all time when it comes to big opening weekends.

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