Frozen Fans Want Elsa To Be A Lesbian In Sequel


Of all the things that could have gone viral this week, here’s what we got – a Twitter campaign in which Frozen fans are calling on Disney to make one of the animated stars of the series – Elsa – a lesbian in the upcoming sequel.

The first person to tweet about it was a Twitter user named Alexis Isabel Moncada, who wrote that she hopes that Elsa could be the first lesbian princess in Disney history, adding that such a move would be very iconic.

She later followed up with a tweet directed at Disney, with the hashtag #GiveElsaAGirfriend – which got retweeted about 2,000 times and just kept blowing up from there.

According to Moncada, the entertainment industry, Disney included, gives us girls who fall in love with ogres and beasts, even women who love bees, but have never given the world a queer relationship in one of their movies.

She also added that Frozen would be perfect for this experiment since many people from the LGBT community already view the movie as a metaphor for coming out and accepting who you really are.

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